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Settings and recommandations for our website

This is where you'll find information on how our website works and how you can adjust it according to your own needs.


Recommended browsers

We recommend that you use the latest version of one of these browsers for our internet services:

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

We are constantly testing the latest versions of the browsers, but it may take a while before a new version works fully with the internet services. However, we advise against using older versions, as we cannot guarantee that they provide sufficient security or functionality. If you are unsure of which browser you have, you are welcome to contact our support on 0771-24 11 11.


To be able to use C&I Online after the summer of 2021, you need to update your browser. Please start today and update your browser to the latest version of, for example, Microsoft Chromium Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


Review your browser settings and how to enable cookies in your browser


Adjust the look of the website

You can choose how to view the information on the website by adjusting the settings in your browser. This way, you can save the adjustments you need and use them on all websites you visit. Your browser allows you to:

  • Make the text larger.
  • Change the line length.
  • Adjust colours and contrast.
  • Change the font.

The settings are different in different browsers. Read more in your browser's help page, or follow the links below to the different companies' pages about the browsers

PDF files

Some of the information on the website is published in PDF files. In order to read PDF files you need a program such as Adobe Reader or equivalent from a different manufacturer. Adobe Reader is free, as well as many alternative readers.