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How to use NemID cope app

NemID code app is a supplement to the existing code card. It is an app that provides access to online banking, public websites such as borger.dk, sundhed.dk as well as access to websites for private operators’ such as unions or unemployment funds.

With the NemID Code app, you can use your NemID straight from your smartphone or tablet – without handling your NemID code card.

Whenever you need to use your NemID code app, you will receive a notification on your device with a request. You won’t have to look around for codes from your code card, as you will never run out of codes.

NemID Code app is developed in a partnership between the financial sector and the public sector. Nets DanID is the supplier of the NemID infrastructure while E-nettet has developed the app itself.

NemID Code app is available through App Store and Google Play and is free of charge.

Keep you code card, even though you get the app

You need to retain your code card. You will need it, if you have to activate your Code app on a new device or if you lose your phone or tablet.

Even though you have installed the NemID code app on your smartphone, you are free to use either your code app or your code card.

Technical specifications for NemID code app

You can connect the same NemID to the app on up to three mobile devices.
Due to safety precautions, there are limitations to what operating system you are using, if you wish to use the NemID code app. The code app can be used on the following operating systems:

  • IOS 9 or newer
  • Android 6 or newer

Safety in NemID code app

NemID code app is as safe as NemID in general. The code app is secured by a so called two-factor approval. This means, something you have and something you know. The first factor is the activated app itself (something you have), while the second factor is your personal NemID username and password (something you know). Both factors are needed in order to use NemID, in the same way, as one would combine the code card and the code card with your username and password.

NemID Code app is further secured through a four-digit password or fingerprint recognition / Touch ID / Face ID. The Code app will be preset to lock every time you close the app. This setting can be managed, so that it will lock the app automatically after 5 minutes.

How the code app works

You will use the NemID Code app to approve NemID transactions, where you usually would have needed your physical code card. Whenever you need to utilize NemID, you will receive a notification on your smartphone.


Lastest review/update of the content on this page is December 2021